The Best Months For a Florida Wedding

Florida is known as the Sunshine State, and for good reason. Our blue skies, cotton candy clouds, and balmy temperatures are epic. But that doesn’t mean that every Florida day offers the perfect weather for a beach wedding.. Humidity, hurricanes, and yes, even cold weather can put a damper on your union. If you’re planning to book a destination wedding in Florida, these are the best months for your big day.


Like much of the country, March in Florida offers a transitional mix of weather. While winter in the south is warmer than it is in other locales, it can still get pretty brisk. March ushers in warmer weather and the winter-to-spring change means temperatures are incredibly comfortable for outdoor events. The average high is 78 and the average low is 59. It also provides some of the state’s least humid days.


The old adage that April showers bring May flowers doesn’t apply to Florida’s West Coast. In fact, the chance of rain is less likely in April than it is in most months of the year, making it an ideal month to plan a wedding. Average highs for the month start at 78 at the beginning of the month and top out at 83 by its end. Another reason to plan a Florida wedding in April: The earliest sunset is at 7:47 p.m. giving you and your guests plenty of time to bask in the sun before night falls on your nuptials.


May offers some of the state’s final comfortable days before summer’s heat descends. High temps move into the mid- to high-80s, so if you’re looking for a true beach wedding, this is the time to host it. Flip flops, sleeveless dresses and lightweight fabrics are staples of a May wedding in Florida. In the evening, except a balmy breeze and low temperatures that hover around 70. It’s a truly magical time, with the scent of jasmine in the air and cicadas singing a romantic soundtrack all night long.


Not only does November usher in what many believe to be Florida’s best weather, it signifies the end of hurricane season. (Read: your chances of a weather-related cancellation drop to almost zero.) Temperatures remain in the high 70s for most of the month, and humidity is almost non-existent. And though cooler breezes may pick up along the water, your beachside ceremony won’t be in danger of blowing away.


While December offers some of Florida’s coolest days, it also ushers in some of its longest nights. Sunset happens between 5:35 and 5:46 p.m. so if you’re hoping to wed before the fabled green flash, you’ll need to start the ceremony early. Plan to wear sleeves if your reception is outdoors: the nights drop down to a chilly 54 degrees. But standing on a beach with your family and friends under a clear, starry sky on a crisp evening is a beautiful way to close out your year.