Makeup & Skincare Tips for a Glowing Beach Bride

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Flawless skin and makeup are a big priority for many brides. Not surprising, given that not only will every eye be focused on you, but the countless photographs and video taken that day. It’s difficult enough coming up with a skin care strategy for a traditional wedding, but one on the beach adds more complications to the mix. With that in mind, here are some makeup and skincare tips to help you transform into a glowing beach bride:

Create your skincare and makeup game plan ahead of time.

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Now: Start a daily regimen if you don’t currently have one.

You should be taking care of your skin daily, but if you’re not, it’s time to start! If you want that beachy bridal glow, you should commit to a daily skincare regimen that includes washing, drying, and moisturizing. It’s a good idea to get plenty of water on a daily basis as well. Hydration is great for the skin, and can flush toxins from your body. Start this regimen as soon as you can, and at least six months out from your wedding.

It may also be beneficial to use masks and weekly exfoliation treatments to bring out that healthy glow. However, don’t overdo it. If you start noticing tearing of the skin, excessive dryness, and a sudden onset of acne, you might need to cut back on the extras, and just stick to daily washing, drying, and moisturizing.

Three Months: Plan your wedding day makeup.

It’s no secret that the beach can be humid and hot. Because of this, you’ll need to know how your skin will look after wearing your wedding day makeup all day. Starting three months out gives you ample time to experiment with products and play with looks to find the right one for you.

You should still be adhering to your daily skincare regimen mentioned previously. Here are some additional tips to keep in mind for the makeup itself:

Use light makeup. You want makeup that is light enough to allow your skin to breathe, while still giving you full coverage. Heavier foundations could look caked on after even mild sweating on the beach. Use a brush to apply it, and then your fingers or a blending sponge to blend onto your face.

Don’t forget the moisturizer. Before applying your makeup, you’ll want to moisturize your skin. This can help with making your makeup appear fresh even after baking in the sun. Bonus points if you get one that has some SPF in it.

Test primers and concealers, too.  Since you have a few months to work with, test out primers and concealers to see which ones work best with your skin.

Consider a blush and a bronzer. Blushes and bronzers can give your skin an instant look of rejuvenation, and a nice glow.

Get some expert help. Watch Youtube tutorials, or visit a makeup artist to learn about anything you’re not sure of such as contouring, blending, and even concealing dark circles.

Make sure your mascara is waterproof: You know, just in case of wedding day tears of joy.

Opt for neutral eyeshadows and lipsticks: Against a beach backdrop, neutral colors will bring out more of your natural beauty. It’s also important to note that dark eyeshadows can give the appearance of circles under your eyes.

Finally, make sure you bring some blotting papers: Depending on the time of year (and time of day for your wedding), it may be a bit warm out there on the beach. Bring blotting papers to help put a stop to your shiny skin.

Test looks often. Keep testing your looks until you find one you like. Take pictures and make notes of your favorite features. Also spend some time outside to see how it holds up in real-life weather.

The Day Before: One last test run.

Do your makeup as if it’s your big day. You shouldn’t need to make any last minute adjustments, but this is your last opportunity to do so if necessary. Bonus: Your makeup will look great for the rehearsal dinner.

The Day of: Shine on, beautiful!

You’ve planned for this. You look amazing. Rock that makeup and have the best beach wedding ever!

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