How To Pick The Right Bouquet For Your Beach Wedding 

We sat down with floral expert Felisa Goett of Blooms by the Beach on Anna Maria Island to get the scoop on what’s hot in the beach wedding floral industry. Felisa has more than 20 years of experience in the industry and has worked with over 100 brides in the past year. Felisa moved to Florida from Colorado last July and we’re lucky to have her! Both her Mom and Aunt were florists so she was exposed to it at an early age assisting with events after school, her first independent event was in college.

Throughout her career, she’s designed a variety of events from corporate events to weddings and has been teaching floral design for community classes for the past seven years.

Q: What are the beach wedding floral trends that you’re seeing? 

A: ‘Blushes are still here!’ states Felisa. ‘Brides are combining them with pampas grass and weeds; they’re bringing in the natural fibers.’ 
‘We’re also seeing more of the naturally flowing, tropical flowers such as stemmed orchids with a lot of ‘wispy’ greens.  Destination bouquets tend to be smaller and more intimate with some poignant thought put into them because they can’t bring them home.’  
Other popular flowers include roses, hydrangeas, mums, delphinium, and astible. 
And of course what beach wedding ceremony would be complete without an arch or arbor to create a space and frame the sunset? ‘These can be decorated elaborately with flowing fabrics and flowers’ suggests Felisa.
Q: What Should I Consider When Selecting My Floral Arrangement? 

A: Felisa recommends three things; budget, realistic expectations, and seasonality. 
‘If brides bring a picture of their dream bouquet to me and I know their budget, I can work with them to get as close as possible to their request. Although only 10-15% of flowers are available year-round, some are season-specific and we may need to incorporate silks. The key is to be flexible.’

Q: When Should I Contact My Florist?

As with most services, the sooner you get your date booked with the florist, the better! Unless it’s a quick wedding, four to six months is recommended to allow time for planning and ordering. 
Felisa wisely advises not to stress out if you don’t have a specific plan when you first reach out to your florist, ‘they most will likely have you fill out a questionnaire to gather information which is used during your consultation.’ 
So sit back and relax, the process will be made easier for you so that you can enjoy your wedding planning experience! 

Q: What does a typical wedding Floral budget look like?

A.        ‘With destination weddings and on the island I’ve worked with budgets from anywhere between $300 – $2,000, it’s inconsistent. Either way, we make it work, everybody deserves a beautiful wedding!’

Q: Do you have any tips on keeping down the cost without compromising the beauty?

A.      ‘Yes, as an example peonies are a popular, more expensive flower that has a short window of availability. You can substitute these with garden or tea roses, you can hardly tell the difference. Dahlias are another example; they can be substituted with a nice Cremon mum. You can tint them and get the same look and feel.’
If you have your heart set on a specific flower and it isn’t available or maybe outside of your budget, Felisa is quick to assure you to not be discouraged as she’ll find a replacement.
‘A good florist will know there’s always a way!’

Blooms By The Beach is located at 2501 Gulf Drive North in Bradenton Beach on Anna Maria Island and is a preferred vendor of Anna Maria Island Venues.