From First Loves to First Hero’s The Chiles Group Reflects on The Father’s In Our Lives

Everybody knows that a Father is his daughter’s first love and his son’s first hero. They are influential in our lives regardless of gender. Father’s are protectors. They lead you across the street as a child by holding your hand – making you feel safe. For many, that same hand gives you away in marriage. 

Anna Maria Island Venues of The Chiles Group has an event staff that is sensitive to this transformational period in your family’s life. “Molly made everything easy. She answered all my questions, quieted my fears and anxieties, and made sure that nothing was forgotten or left out.” Chelsea Z.

” Family relationships are core to our values as a business and throughout the planning process, our team, unique venues, and dedication to making your special moments enjoyable are visible to each and every customer.” – Molly Powers

This Father’s day, the Chiles Group family would like to take a moment and reflect on those fathers that are with us, and those here in memory only. Our staff warmly recalls their memories and the lessons they learned.

We hope these memories bring one of your favorite memories to mind as you remember the men in your life that have brought you comfort and strength sometimes through just the touch of the hand. 

Monica from the Beach House; ‘My father taught me how to keep going’

Louan and Axel from Mar Vista; ‘Our dad taught us how to think outside of the box and to be hard workers. He gave us opportunities that most kids didn’t have as we traveled the world ’

Avery from Mar Vista; ‘I learned not to take things seriously, to look beyond the obvious’

Anthony from Mar Vista; ‘My father taught me to look beyond the obvious to find the truth.’

Krista from the Beach House; ‘My dad was an immigrant from Germany, I didn’t have the normal father/daughter relationship. He is a strong man. When I look at him, I see strength’

Travis from Sandbar; ‘He’s my hero, always! He’s always there for me. When I’ve felt like the world wouldn’t be right again, he was always the one to lift me up’

Amanda from Events; ‘I have the best of both worlds, two amazing fathers and am daddy’s girl to both of them. From my stepdad I learned faith and how to have a relationship with the Lord. He taught me that good things come from those that are respectful and patient. From my biological dad I learned about family, and how no matter what, we’re united! He also taught me to take care of my elders; my Grandma and his sister currently live with him.  

Jill from Corporate; ‘My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me’

Linda from Corporate; ‘My dad was the one I’d call when I needed something fixed, he always helped me. My father was a good man.’

Brooks from Human Resources; ‘I learned from him the value of education and reading. He was very rational and fair handed’

Jess from Sandbar; ‘My dad is respectful and has great work ethics’

Cheyenne from Sandbar; ‘He took me in when he didn’t have to. He always said to do as he says, not as he does’

Katya from Sandbar; ‘My stepdad taught me kindness, patience, and to think before you speak’

Cale from Sandbar; ‘I’m grateful for my dad for being the role model he is. He’s taught me how to treat a family and how to be a better person’

Kevin from Sandbar; ‘My dad is 87 years old! He taught me everything from how to cook to how to fix a car. He’s a great guy!’

Chef Horacio from Sandbar; ‘He taught me that hard work pays off, to respect your elders, and that not everybody knows everything in life’

Ian from the Beach House; ‘My dad was always there for me and my siblings, we were a handful’

Morgan from the Beach House; ‘My adopted dad didn’t have to be a dad, he chose to be. He helps me with all my problems in general’

Chef Will from the Beach House; ‘He taught me about human decency, to be compassionate’

Kaylee from Mar Vista; ‘I’m grateful for my dad’s sense of humor’

Melissa Hadley from Beach House; From my dad I’ve learned that hard work will build your character, and vacation time will fill your soul’

Charlie Munn from Marketing; ‘With my dad, the first thing I think about is his kindness. He’s a man who taught me about the balance of making my way in the world. That one can be strong and sensitive, deliberate and thoughtful, passionate yet collaborative. He’s a father of balance. I’m grateful for every moment we get to spend with each other. We make each other better people’

Cynthia from Marketing; ‘My dad taught me how to hug from the heart, it’s from him that I learned about unconditional love. He was a man of few words and a strong man of faith. He showed me what being a beautiful person really meant. He was the kindest, warmest, smartest, most gentleman I’ve known! My dad is my hero, what I wouldn’t give to spend just one more moment with him! It’s been over 20 years and I still cry … oh, the power of love’

Happy Father’s day from our family to yours!