Why Anna Maria Island is Perfect for Your Beach Wedding

Married couple standing on the beach with a bouquet of flowers

Not all beach weddings are created equal. Some weddings happen on crowded beaches with families playing and music blaring nearby, while other couples tie the knot in gale-force winds with sand whipping at their feet. 

Anna Maria Island is more than just a beautiful beach wedding site. It is one of the best beaches in Florida and within the United States. Here are just a few reasons why our beach is better than the other options out there, especially for setting up the perfect wedding ceremony. 

The Perfect Wedding Weekend

Anna Maria Island offers so much more than just a beautiful wedding venue. The entire wedding weekend is a mini-vacation in paradise. The friendly locals and easy sea breeze paired with beautiful beaches are sure to keep you calm before the big day. But if you do need to shake out some of those pre-wedding jitters, you can turn that energy towards a thrilling adventure! Jet ski rentals and snorkeling and diving trips provide action-packed days among the natural environment. Whatever your preference, Anna Maria Island has plenty to do to give you and your guests the best weekend ever!

Get Married on a Clean Beach

The residents of Anna Maria Island are invested in the cleanliness of their beaches. There are regular beach cleanups to protect the natural wildlife and visitors are encouraged to pick up after themselves before they leave. This makes Anna Marie Island an exceptionally clean beach, creating a safe place for barefoot weddings and an ideal venue for beautiful photographs. 

You Can’t Beat Our White Sand

Not only are our beaches free of trash and other unwanted debris, but they are also known for their brilliant white color and soft texture. The sand on Anna Marie Island is actually made up of quartz crystals, which wash down from the Appalachian mountains into the Gulf of Mexico. The result is stunning. The powdery, soft sand that is whiter than most beaches in the world is perfect for romantic walks along the water and barefoot weddings. You won’t be disappointed when you set foot on our sands. 

Enjoy Privacy at Your Wedding

There are beaches throughout Florida where a wedding can easily get overshadowed by everything else going on. Cars will drive by, nearby DJs entice crowds to party, and hundreds of people crowd the beach. While this makes for a fun beach day, it can ruin a wedding. 

Nestled between dunes, our main venues for beach weddings on Anna Maria Island offer greater privacy away from most beach crowds so you can enjoy your ceremony in peace.

Take Advantage of our Climate and Geography

The Gulf Coast side of Florida is significantly different from the Atlantic side. The Atlantic has ocean waves, which create cool waters and cold winds in the winter. These large, choppy waves might be good for surfers, but they aren’t great for a beach wedding venue. On the Gulf, the waves are smaller and quieter, creating a peaceful feel and romantic setting. The Gulf also provides warmer water temperatures with an average of 75 degrees for a perfect swim.
Anna Marie Island offers some of the objectively best beaches in the area. Consider tying the knot here if you want a clean, quiet beach with pristine sand and beautiful pictures. Check out our wedding packages to learn more about your options for a seaside ceremony and reception.