About Us

Luxury event planning since 1979

We’re Chiles Hospitality Events, your trusted planners for any special occasion. For over 40 years, we’ve hosted thousands of once-in-a-lifetime destination events for locals and visitors alike – all with an unforgettable view of the stunning Florida Gulf.

From weddings to corporate gatherings to celebrations of life to family reunions and farewell brunches, there’s no shortage of all-inclusive events at our beautiful, beachfront locations.

We believe that no two events are alike, and our team works around the clock to bring your vision to life. Because your day is special. Your event should be, too.

Our Values

When you schedule an all-inclusive event with Chiles Hospitality, we guarantee:

  • Expert, on-site staff keeping things running smoothly.
  • Your own unique and customizable farm-to-table menu.
  • Always fresh, locally-sourced produce from our local Gamble Creek Farms company, as well as meats and pastries from other trusted partners.


We run all Chiles Hospitality events with environmentally-friendly products and processes, including:

  • Biodegradable tableware
  • Active composting
  • Recycling oyster shells
  • Using local & sustainable products whenever possible
  • Pledging 1% of our annual revenue to environmental causes through the 1% for the Planet organization.

Food & Beverage

Seafood: From ocean to table, our restaurants are located along the Florida gulf coast. We are proud to offer an abundance of local seafood from our local partners and fishermen. From fish and shrimp to shellfish and caviar, we have so many options located right off our docks.

Meats: We source our various proteins from our valued partners who provide the best natural fed and organic meats we can offer. Our in-house butcher makes our specialty sausages and bacon from local wild Boars that we serve on our menu.

Fruits & Vegetables: Our own Gamble Creek Farms grows unique strains of Florida-friendly fruits and vegetables. The delicious array of seasonal organic produce is served at all our restaurants and events.

Desserts: Our in-house bakery, Anna Maria Bake House, uses organic flour that is stone ground, cold milled, unbleached, and unbromated. All breads, pies, cookies, and cakes are home made for our events.

Exclusive Wine Partner: We are proud to offer LOLA Wines, who are committed to producing wines in a pure and natural way. Their vineyards, located in Napa Valley, are farmed, and cared for with their surrounding nature and ecological health kept in mind.