3 Ways To Plan A Safe Holiday Party

This year, holiday parties and other celebrations may look a little different as we continue working to prevent the spread of COVID19. Safety precautions will need to be considered and implemented if we want to continue with this much anticipated festive tradition. But what does that look like? We sat down with Molly Powers, the Catering Sales Manager for Anna Maria Island Venues. Molly has worked with over 3,500 events, with over 100 of them being COVID friendly.

Here are her top 3 recommendations for throwing a safe holiday bash.

1. Space, Lots of Space!
There’s a much lower risk of COVID-19 transmission in outdoor settings because the air circulation is much better. What better place to do this than at the beach. ‘We have a lot of space!’ states Molly. ‘Most holiday events for businesses are for between 30-40 people. We have space that can accommodate 180 and people can spread out all over the place. It’s outside in the fresh air and in a comfortable setting. The weather is beautiful! We have heaters and fans and everything we need to keep people comfortable.’
Molly adds that in addition to the space, tables and chairs are 6’ apart, employees wear masks and gloves, and all surfaces are sanitized regularly, including bathrooms.

2. Avoid self serve food options
This doesn’t mean that buffets (usually a more cost effective menu option) are a no go. It just means rethinking how a buffet will function. Making sure only one person is serving and that they are wearing proper protection. (Think mask and gloves). It is also helpful to separate the food offerings into different food stations that are more spread out. ‘We do offer buffet but in a safe environment where the staff wears masks and gloves, and actually goes through the buffet for the guest. They are the only ones near the buffet. We also offer plated dinners.’

3. When in doubt…Take Out
Maybe having an offsite event doesn’t work for your group this year. Molly also recommends catering. ‘There are homes with beautiful backyards and courtyards that people can rent and we can safely cater, our staff uses the same safety precautions with masks and gloves. Many are going this route as it makes them feel safer.’

Although your Christmas party or other celebrations may look different this year, Anna Maria Island Venues of The Chiles Group has the knowledge and experience you need to make your event as safe and comfortable as possible!

For more information or questions about your 2020 holiday office party, contact Molly, Shawn, or Amanda at 941-778-1696.